Upland Bird Hunting
Woodcock And Grouse In New Brunswick


New Brunswick lies directly in the migratory path of the woodcock, which interact with our native woodcock. By the first week of October, the first flight of woodcock starts pouring in. Combined with our native spruce and ruffed grouse this makes for some of the best upland bird hunting Canada has to offer.

The areas we hunt in are a vast area of colorful hardwood, meadows, farmland, miles of wood roads, rivers and streams where these birds take refuge.

Upland bird hunting

On an average day we have 20 to 30 flushes of woodcock along with several grouse flushes to give you the opportunity to test your reflexes on these testy game birds.

With generous daily bag limits of 8 woodcock and 6 grouse, this makes for an absolute enjoyable day for both the hunter and their dog. We also have our own highly skilled English Pointers at the hunting lodge eager to please our hunters if one does not have a dog of his or her own.

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