Client Testimonials



I just wanted to take a second to thank you for a fantastic hunt.  I had a fantastic time, and could not be happier with the bear I took.  Camp was amazing, from the first class accommodations to the top notch food, and of course the incredibly hard working outfitter.  You truly love what you do, and it shows.  You did everything possible to ensure we were successful and happy.  The shot placement lesson was very helpful to all of us.  The video about how to judge bears was a huge help as well.  It just could not have been a better week.  We went 100% on bears, 6 for 6.  I would have not thought that possible.  It is a true testament to your hard work, and skill as an outfitter.  Every person who we interacted with was a true professional.  Wilma was an amazing cook, and Shane and Justin were outstanding guides.  Again, It was truly an amazing week.  Thank you for everything!


I look forward to keeping in touch with all the guys you had in camp this week, they were all great guys, and I left with new friends, including you and Justin. It was the best guided hunt I have ever been on, and I have done quite a few.  Thank you for all you did to ensure we had a great time, and a great hunt!


Rick Leventry


I am an avid bowhunter with limited time away from work, so booking with good outfitters is a must. If you are looking for a high quality bear hunting operation, this is the place.

Kevin and his staff give 100% to make sure you have a great time and a successful hunt. They do their absolute best to put you on a quality bear and their hard work will definitely be noticed.  

I bagged my first black bear the first evening and was very satisfied with this bear.

The atmosphere around camp made the rest of the stay relaxing and enjoyable.

A special thanks to Kevin and his team for making this trip a memory that will last a lifetime.

Robert Bisson


Great trip, met all my expectations!

Kevin, Gerarld, Joey and Angie were great, enjoyed talking with Perley as well.

Took a 275 lb bear the 2nd night with my compound after missing with the longbow the 1st night.

Met some great guys from PA and hope to be back soon.

Great trip!!

Mike Wagstaff

Chester, TX

I dreamed about this trip for years, I will have dreams about my experience for a lifetime.

Everything about this trip went above & beyond my expectations. I never thought I would have the opportunity to arrow a 78” 400 lb bear. I’m glad I had such a great group of hunters to share it with.

People back home are going to get tired of hearing me tell stories of this trip.

Thank you again Kevin, this trip meant the world to me & I guarantee I’ll never forget it.

What a trophy.

Jody Biesenkamp
Aliquippa, PA

This was my third trip here. Again-just a wonderful time of fellowship and hunting with fellow hunters and big paw five star staff.

Great food with Angie (five star cook). Thankful to Kevin and the entire staff for their hard work. With their help I was able to get another New Brunswick bear, but this one was special, first with my bow.

Thank you all very much!

Jonathan Foster

This has been a very good week of hunting, relaxing and fellowship.

Kevin and the guides were great. I will be back, one of the best hunts I have been on.

Mark Jones

Second year here!

It was another great hunt. Saw bears 3 out of 4 nights.

Tagged out on the 4th night, Kevin and crew were great. 3 bears off the otter brook road with bows same night with my buddies - Awesome.

Good hunt.

Tony Gardner
Northborough, MA

This was the hunt of a lifetime!

I encountered the largest bear in the history of my hunting career. My guide Joey, Kevin and my friends worked hard to track this bear but it was able to move on…

I will be back in the New Brunswick woods for sure.

Awesome hunting experience!

Mark Murphy
West Boylston, M

Had a great time!

Even the Guides brought the same enthusiasm for the hunt that the hunters did. Kevin really works hard to give you the best opportunity to score.

The guides Gerarld and Joey also made the hunt enjoyable. Got my first bear had lots of fun, lots of food and great company.

Good hunt!

Eric Morrison

Just recently hunted with Big Paw Outfitters for the first time and from the moment I arrived it was more like visiting with old friends.  This was my 3rd bear hunt and I would have to say my best,  from the camp atmosphere to the attention paid to the most minute hunting details,  not to mention the numerous black bear sightings our group saw.

All I can say is this is a first class operation and as far as I am concern the only New Brunswick black bear Outfitter I will hunt with again.

Tony Rubin
Evans Falls, PA

Thank you for a great time again.  It gets better every year.  You all do such a great job.  Have a good year, keep in touch and see you next year.

Mark Testa
Utica, NY

Thank you all for the best time ever! I can't wait till next year, I'm going after the Biggest one seen for next year! You guys are the best!

Jeff Davis
Ingleside, Texas

Thanks for a great hunt.  You are great people and made our black bear hunt more than what was expected. We're looking forward to next year.

Bob Davis
Seguin,  Texas

Kevin and Big Paw Outfitters

I had a great hunt with you guys for both the fall bow season for bear and the three day moose season. I saw at least 8 bears that I could have shot, but chose not to, in 3 days of hunting.

Moose hunt was all I expected, and more. There were 3 non-residents and 2 residents with tags and all killed a moose by end of season. 4 bulls and 1 nice cow. I can't imagine how a person could ask for more. All of the guides were top-shelf, the cook was great, the accommodations were first class.

I would highly recommend Big Paw to anyone drawing a moose tag, and for a bear hunt. Nobody can guarantee you a moose, but this is as close as you'll come to a sure thing. I intend to apply again and, if drawn, will certainly hunt with this outfit again. I will gladly talk to or email anyone interested in this outfit, and I give Kevin permission to give out my phone number or email address to anyone interested. Again, thanks for a great hunt. ( by the way, moose meat is extremely good)

Jim Walen

Morehead City, North Carolina

Best hunting trip I've ever had. Kevin knows his stuff and we'll definitely be back next Spring for another New Brunswick black bear hunt with him.

Micheal Sharf
Manhasset,  NY

Being a traditional long bow hunter, harvesting a black bear presented a big challenge which really got my adrenaline going. 

A successful hunt means different things to different people. I had a true successful hunt and a memory that I will never forget and I never harvest the bear I was after.

Kevin Caissie and Big Paw Outfitters did everything humanly possible to make my trip successful.  I had a 50 minutes chess game with a bear , that gave me a thrill that will last me a lifetime! 

When I left Big Paw Outfitters I not only was pleased with my hunt and 4-wheeling,  I also left with a new friend Kevin.  He gave us 100% each and every day,  and I will not hesitate to return to get that black bear that beat me in that chess game!

Have a smooth release!

Steve Kenesie
Kenohsa Bowmen Bristol, Wisconsin

Great people, great food, great time, great hunting, can't wait to come back. It's worth it evan withought the hunting.

Robbie Campbell
Ballard, WV.

To our Guides Ted and Gerald who really did their best and to Laura who fed us in a superb way.

Also to our host and guide Kevin who took care of us and kept us busy. 

Thank you all.

Got me one BIG BEAR 76" from nose to tail.

Peter Kristoffersson
Bara, Sweden

Great time! Excellent facilities & food!  Memories to last a lifetime!

Bryan Pinckney
Memphis NY

Thank you for a nice week, good food, good hunting and very nice people.

Thank you Kevin, Gerarld,Ted and Laura.

From 5 happy and successful hunters.

Kenneth Carlstedt (Oxie, Sweden)
Bo Levin (Vellinge, Sweden)
Boo Levin (Klagshamn, Sweden)
Rino Sanguineti (Malmo, Sweden)
Carl-Magnus Levin (Klagshamn,Sweden)

This has been a great week. This is where one of my dreams came true. Everyone was great and I thank you all very much.

Richard Wall
Narrows, Va.

Had a great 7 days of hunting, fishing and eating. The accommodations were excellent. Thanks to Kevin, Billy and Ted for being fantastic guides. Their knowledge of black bears made for a successful hunt. Thank you Anita for the great food, and thank you Perley for the night at " the nine pines". Female 200+ lbs

Duane Stackhouse
Coopersburg PA

Had the time of my life. Ted, Kevin, Billy and Anita went out of their way to keep me happy and to Perley our entertainment committee. Thank you all for a Great time.

Tony Pall
Hunlock Creek, PA

Had a great time. Thanks to all the wonderful people at Big Paw Outfiters we'll definitly be back soon.

Michael Phillips
Hunlock Creek , PA

Kevin, Billy, Ted and Anita

Thank you for such a great hunt, people, lodging and food. I hope to come back again and have another good hunt.

82" black bear from nose to tail.

Ralph Sica
Jackson, NJ

To our guides and cook.

We had a great time. The hunting was spectacular. The food was great, and the people were great to be around.

Stay well and good luck with your family and we'll see you next year.

Thanks again

Shayne & Tony Roberts
Amenia, New York

Anita, Kevin, Billy, Ted

To all we really had a great time. The food was great, the hunting was great, the people were great. Hope to see you again next year.

God Bless and Stay Well.

Thanks again

Jason & Gary Yound
Wilmington, Delaware

I heard it was good, but not this good, what a wonderful time we had with our guides the entire week. Kevin,Ted and Billy are the most fantastic people I have met in a long time, instant friends. This is a trip I will not soon forget.

Thanks for everything guys.

Jeffrey S. Posey
Blountsprings, Alabama

Kevin, your lodge is beautiful and your hunting is great. Anita is a great cook and host. Ted and Billy have made my first bear hunt one I'll never forget.

Thanks to everyone.

Larry Hallmark
Cullman Alabama

Hunted hard but  ended up with a nice bear. We had a great time, despite Ted's attempt to tie my wife Dana in her stand, Ha Ha.... Loved the company, the food and the experience of a North Country hunt. Can't wait to do it again.

Troy & Dana Weibe
Radium Springs, New Mexico

Had a great time.

Thanks to Kevin, Ted and Billy and all my new friends at camp.

John Miano
Nutley , New Jersey

Third trip to hunt with  Kevin, Billy and Ted.  Gets better every trip. Just like coming back home and spending a week with friends.

Steve Weaver
Bellefonte, PA

Had a great time again with the guys. Ted a great guide, Bill was lots of fun and to Kevin keep up the good work, would not be as much fun without you being their. Two hunts and two bears. Was Great!

See you soon.

Rick Heverly
Blanchard, PA

This camp is the best. I have hunted most western States and Canada. This is my #1 spot. 4 bears the 1rst night and more. Kevin, Billy and Ted know there business. I have booked for next year.

Phil Laug
Memphis N.Y.

This was my second year here. Shot 2 bears in 2 years! Already booked for next year. Have had great fun, and looking very forward to next year. Food was great, guides were unbelievable. Have never been to a place where we had so much personal attention. They truly want you to get your bear, and work very hard to make it happen. Thanks for a great time & hunt.

Doug Housel
Fulton, NY

First bear hunt. Would definitely do it again. Everything was excellent. Kevin, Ted & Billy really know what they're doing.

Mike Westlake
Auburn, NY

As it was last year, everything was Top notch! Got my bear this year ( Just happened to have 3 legs.)  As always " Memories to last a lifetime!" Thanks Kevin & crew.

Bryan Pinckney
Memphis, NY

This was my first time here, 3rd bear hunt all together, by far the best bear hunting, great accommodations, the best of everything. Killed my second bear in 2 years. Guides are great, Kevin, Billy and Ted all know there stuff. Will be back next year and looking forward to it. " Great memories".

James Laug
Memphis N.Y

Kevin, thanks for everything. This is the first time I ever hunted bear and killed one.

Billy + Ted were fantastic guides and made this a successful hunt for me and my son. This has been the happiest week of my life being here meeting new friends, accommodations were excellent. Thanks again Kevin + crew!

Robert Kibler
Williamsport, PA


You have a top notch operation and  top notch folks who really take care of your guests. You all went out of your way to make us feel at home. This was my first bear hunt and one I will never forget, " Big Paw Outfitters" Thank you for making a dream come true!!

I plan on returning again. I'm looking forward to get my mount home for my daughter's to see.

Take care and " God Bless " you all.

Jason Kibler
Downingtown Pennsylvania

P.S.    Fishing was Awesome also!!

My experience in a " nutshell"    EXCELLENT.

Kevin, Ted & BIll made this hunt most enjoyable.

I was well-informed about what to look for and techniques to use on the hunt.

Don Simmons
Mesquite, Texas

This was my 1st Fall bear hunt, Kevin was excellent, he knew his business. I was put on an awesome spot. Kevin was able to guide me all the way to my kill, me not knowing what to look for.

The accommodations were excellent, great atmosphere and great hospitality.

I praise "My Lord Jesus" for allowing me this trip.

Thank you Kevin

P.S. Thank you Angie for the great meals.

Scott Moore

My bear hunting was great. Lots of bear. Great 4 wheeling with Perley.

Good food, Good people, Good time.

200+ Black Bear

Al. Grundmand
Bloomfield, NY

I had a great 6 days of bear hunting, but really I only had to hunt 3 of them, because of my guide Kevin put me on a bear that I was able to take with my bow. Thank you for your time and hospitality Kevin! This is indeed one of the Finest Outfitters around, things couldn't have been better. The hunting, food and accommodations were excellent. I Praise God for sending me to Big Paw Outfitters.  Thanks for the memories!

P.S. Thank you Angie, you are a great cook.

Joe Reed
Vidor Texas

The experience I had with Kevin will last a lifetime. Great people, great food and unlimited 4 wheeling. Seen lots of animals. Would recommend to anyone.

300  lb Fall black bear

Jim Grundman
Bloomfield, NY

My second trip back with Big Paw Outfitters, both times have been great. this trip I got to go fishing on the famous Miramichi River and caught a 35 inch Atlantic Salmon. My Dad's third time up and loves the camp & people here.

Atlantic salmon 35", Black bear 68" both from nose to tail

2 times, 2 bears!!!!!

Great fun and will be back in 2009.

Shayne & Tony Robert

Amenia, NY

1rst hunting trip ever.

Kevin, Bill and Gerarld couldn't make me feel more at home and Angie is a great cook.

Scored a bear on the 4th day on stand, saw more game in those the 4 days.

Memories I'll never forget. A GREAT TRIP

Paul Harenza
Wilkes-Barre, PA

First Bear Hunt

Shot my first bear on the first night out, went salmon fishing after, caught great fish made new friends had the best time a man could have in this fast paced world. These are the things that make life worth living.

Thanks to Kevin, Billy, Gerarld and Perry, you made this trip a memory I will never forget.

Doug Haney
Tunkhannuck, PA

Great time with Kevin and guides. We had a great week, Kevin + the guys worked hard at getting the bear and providing a great memory!

Thanks to All.

Bill Houston
White Bear Lake, MN

My first time bear hunting was great. Seen 2 good bears. Hit one on Wednesday, Kevin and Billy are good people and took us fishing during the bear hunt. I hope to come back and do it again next year.

Thank you Kevin for everything

My trip started up as just a bear hunt and wound up to be one of my greatest fishing adventures. Spent 3 days on the Miramichi river, caught the coverted Atlantic salmon on the fly rod. It was one of my greatest thrills. Accommodations, food and most of all a great crew.

John Valle
Long Island, New York

First bear hunt and got my first bear! Kevin and crew were great and went out of their way to make sure we all had a good time. I was here with 5 other family members and we all agreed this was a great time!

Rich McCandless
Winter Park, Florida

First time on a bear hunt thanks to Kevin - Billy - Gerarld and Angie. Enjoyed the camp, the company and the meals were great and thank you for working really hard to get everyone a bear. Shot mine on the 2nd day,  went back early the next morning to get it out, 200lb.

Excellent job, I will let people know about Big Paw Outfitters.

Hope to be back

James Barker
Cameron Mills N.Y.

Great Lodge, food and staff. Kevin really knows bears and how to get them in. This was the best camp out of 5 that I've hunted. Lots of bears, I took a great bear 200lbs plus, second night .Great time I'll definitely be back and maybe for a moose too.

Thanks for a great time

Jim Lee
Rhode Island, NY

First bear hunt, bagged a bear on Thursday night w/ 3 minutes till quitting time! Thanks big paw outfitters (Kevin, Gerarld and you too Perry) for fulfilling my dream and keeping me on good hits! Thanks to the new friends I made this week and there incredible support. Jim and Nate, thanks so much for your help w/ myu bear recovery and photo's.

Matt Turnbull
Cambria, Pa

Thanks to all at big paw outfitters for a great week! I didn't shoot my bear until Friday, but what a beautiful animal!

Thanks to my excellent tracking team for helping recover my boar (well over 200 lb....likely 250 lb). Thank God for a good hunt with excellent weather! Gerarld, Kevin... Thanks for putting me on that "Real Good Hit" Company # 5 bait site was awesome! So was the food!

Andy Turnbull
Kent, PA

Had a great time . Lots of bears. Hunted at 4 different outfitters this is the best! Shot my bear the first night out. First bear with the bow. Food was excellent from Angie. Guides also were awesome. I'll be back for a bigger one!

Tony Gardner

Thanks to Kevin and the rest of the team for a great time on my first black bear hunt! Looking forward to the next time!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tim Burns
Elbridge, NY

It was truly a memorable experience. It shows that hunts never end! Nature at its best! I shot my boar on the third evening  no tracking needed. 68"- 180lbs. I plan to experience this trip again hopefully very soon. I have two boys ages 7 and 9. I further dream of taking them here and learn the precious memories that will never fade. Great Work!

I Enjoyed Every minute!

Douglas Brugh
Springfield MO
(one of the Bass Pro Boys)

Had a great time, good food from Angie. Good laughs. Thanks for all the hard work from Gerarld, guide of the year. 2nd bear from New brunswick 400;bs 80" long from nose to tail. Gerarld put me on a great spot.

Wonderfull all around.

Lavern Conley
King-of-Prussia, PA

Our guides Gerarld and Perry did an excellent job. We were 6 for 7 on bears and the trout fishing was awesome. We had a great time and look forward to coming back.


Nate Altendorf
East Grand forks, MN

My thanks go out to my guide Kevin and all the gang at big paw outfitters. The lodge, the guides and the cooking was all incredible. I bagged my bear on Wednesday, my 3rd day on the same stand so thank you for teaching me that persistence pays off. I bagged the bear of my dreams. Thank you Angie for some awesome cooking ! Gerarld, Perry thank you for some good stories. Kevin, you go above and beyond all expectations and I will definitely be back soon!!

Steven Turnbull
French St Creekside

Great Hunt!

I flew in on the afternoon after 24 hours of traveling, I shot my bear that night at about 9:05. I was so tired that night and so glad I was able to lay down in my stand and take a nap before taking my bear!

Great Hunt, great company and very personable guides!

Thanks a bunch for everything!

Brad Weeda
Portland, OR

Great Outfitter, I have been to Quebec and taken a bear in 2005, but Kevin is far better then any outfitter I have ever seen.

The guides, cook, friends and people here in New Brunswick are the finest in the world. We seen several bears, had a great time, great food and great friendships forever. I took a female 250 lbs and the whole week was a lasting memory.

Thanks Kevin

Darren Smith
Mineral Wells, WV

I have been going on hunting and fishing trips for years and this is First Class all the way. Guides, cook, Kevin and friends, you will not find any better. I have spent a week relaxing and enjoying the good company.

David Smith
Mineral Wells, WV

Had a wonderful time. Thanks to all at big paw outfitters personnel for their efforts and hard work towards a great time of hunting, eating, laughing etc...

Thanks Perry for great guide service. Great cookies Angie. Gerarld you stay out of trouble. Kevin please include circus tickets for us also next time ha ha.

Jonathan Foster
Stroudsburg, PA

Having never seen a bear in the wild and I came to the right outfitter. Perry put me on my bear the first night. 300lbs 70" from nose to tail. Thanks to everyone, Kevin you get 5 stars in my book.

Ray Kelly
Joplin, MO

To be honest I simply can't ask for anything more. I came for a bear hunt and found a top rate hunting lodge, new friends, hard working honest guides, and I got my bear. Kevin has a top rate organization.

Andrew Coleman
Vergennes, IL

Wow, were do I start, great Lodge, great food and the friendliest people you can ever meet. Kevin is definitely the bear guy in my book ( also part blood hound ). Been on other hunt trips and this one was the best by far . Wow, forgot to mention third day shot my bear with a Hoyt 737 bow, measured 78" long 325 lbs dressed male. Thanks Kevin & Anita for the memory of a lifetime.

PS. If you want to see big bears then big paw is the place to be.

Ken Lewis
Old Forge, PA

Found my place for bear hunting! Great hunting, food and hospitality. Hope to be  back soon. ( 65" bear from Otter brook # 2 bait site ).

Thanks Kevin and Anita

Bob Deveraux

Oct 4th, 2008

Thank you for a great hunt and New Brunswick experience!! I took my first Fall black bear on the first night with a bow & arrow. Kevin is the most accommodating guide & personable individual that will do anything to make your hunt more enjoyable & successful. Friendliest staff I've ever hunted with!!

Thanks for the experience of a lifetime

Mike Piccirilli
Sharpsville, PA

Oct 4th 08

Thanks for the experience of a lifetime, and I took my first black bear. Couldn't have done it with out a finer guide, look forward to hunting with big paw outfitters again. Thanks again for the successful hunt and for being so personable, you and all of your staff.

Bill Murray
Oregon, Ohio

Everyone in Pennsylvania who hunts and never shot a bear, this is the place. Hunt and fish with Gerald and Perry, two great guys and funny. Kevin is the hardest working outfitter in NB.

Shot my fifth bear I saw on the third day, it will make a beautiful rug.

I'll be back!!!

Nick Follmer
Philadelphia, PA

Bear 2nd day 300lbs

What a great operation! All the guides  Perry, Gerald and Kevin put everything into it. Angie I gained 10 lbs this week! This was my first outfitter trip ever, it will be hard to beat.

Anytime you need a reference just call!

Thanks to all my new friends at Big Paw!

Chris Carr
Pottstown, PA

Absolutely awesome experience.

Shot my bear with a bow at 20 yards the first night. Couldn't ask for a better outfitter. Thanks Kevin for a wonderful time. Thanks most of all to Ted, the best guide and friend a guy could ever ask for.

Thanks again for everything.

Thomas Fielder
Sour Lake, Texas

Great bait sites. Lots of sign and bear to prove it! Shot 200lb bear.

Top camp, hope to be back more than a few times in the next couple of years.

Gerarld should be deemed a national treasure in New Brunswick, great guide.

Efrem Tagliamonte
Hydepark, NY

So far I have been on two caribou hunts and two trips south of Africa and every trip was successful. This trip was as good as all the others, I got a nice black bear on Wednesday evening 7:45 pm. Kevin goes above and beyond with his services. I would recommend this trip to anyone

W.R. Elrod
Haughton, Louisiana

This is my first guided bear hunt and it met all of my expectation. Although I didn't get a bear I had a great time and will come again. I saw bear but couldn't get a shot because I couldn't see the pin on my bow sight because it was to dark. Kevin did an excellent job putting us on bears and runs a great outfit. I would recommend this hunt to anyone and look forward to coming back next year.

Stacy Jackson
Severn, Maryland

This week will be a week to remember, camp was outstanding and a great group of guys. Kevin and Joey worked their asses off going above and beyond what needed to be accomplished in order for us to have a successful hunt. This trip was a good time and I would recommend this hunt to anyone.

Thanks for the great week!!!

Derrick Lonas
Warrensburg, MO

Very Impressive!!!

Great food, Great lodging, Great guides, and most of all Amazing bear hunting!!! Got my bear on the second day. Thank you Kevin and all the guides for making this hunt a memory to last a life time. I would recommend you to anyone!!!

A first class operation.

Thank you!   Thank you!   Thank you!

Wayne Shirk
Lock Haven, PA

I would like to thank Big Paw Outfitter staff for the hunt of a life time.

Gerarld #1 guide, thanks for the friendship I made while I was here and your experience guide services, also all your pictures were great.

Kevin, thanks for the tour around Miramichi and for making all of us feel at home.

Mrs. Angie, thank you for all the great meals and wear the apron from road kill cafe proudly.

Joey, thank you for the fishing and your friendship. Bill, thank you for the moose calling demonstration.

I'll be back!

Elvis A.Ensor
Warfordsburg, PA

Very good hunting, Great food, great lodging and excellent guiding, got 2 bears.

Thank you Kevin!

Chris & Henry Zapart & Frank Stelmach
Philadelphia, PA.

2nd time here ( 2 for 2 ). 1st one with a flintlock. Great food, great guiding, great everything.,even fed the coyotes.

Tony Pall
Hunlockcreek, PA

My first bear hunt in a long time, without question Kevin and his staff work as hard as possible to get each and every client on bears. Kevin is a first class guy and I am grateful for having had the pleasure to spend a week at his place.

Thanks Kevin

Gino Defeudis
Northboro, MA

Big Paw Outfitters

I just recently returned from a bear hunting trip in New Brunswick with Big Paw Outfitters. Wow, is all I can say. I really don't know where to start. Kevin the owner worked extremely hard for us and you could tell he really cared about our success. The food was incredible. Every day the meals were great. With the outfitter cooking your meals you never know what you are going to get but no complaint from me. Or anyone else in camp. Every day there was something different on the menu. Usually on Thursday one of the guides takes a trip to the coast and picks up fresh lobster for an all you can eat lobster dinner. And it is truly all you can eat. I don't think it was possible to eat all the lobster that was prepared. Our group gave it our best shot but to no avail.

The guides were great as well. They were experienced and were great to work with. They helped make the camp fun and entertaining as well. Everyone in camp saw bear and released an arrow/bullet. I arrowed a really nice boar on this trip.

The accommodations were great. The camp was very clean and had everything you would need for your hunt. This was my third trip to New Brunswick bear hunting and I have found the last outfitter that I will use. As you can tell I highly recommend them for a spring or fall bear hunt.

Chris Morrison


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